The Village Collective - Sparta

Located in the charming & quaint historic village of Sparta, ON is the Village Collective. Just as the sign on the Temperance Building of 1800's fore tells, the Village Collective is a gathering shoppe featuring many eccentric & gifted local artists & artisans, expressive in many styles & mediums, all with their exquisite crafts ready for the customers seeking quality and pride in workmanship. Canadian Artist Shelley McVittie, and Heritage Line Herb's Deb Benner are among the many that have settled within this genteel collective that is reminiscent of where most would like to go to share stories, appreciation and some time. Welcome!

Monday - Saturday 10 - 4:30
Sundays 12 - 4

Updates from The Village Collective

Intuitive & Wellness day - the Village Collective in Sparta Saturday July 16th 10 to 5 pm offering 20 minute - one on one - sessions ...with practitioners & mediums that are highly gifted and very well recognized in their particular areas of expertise.... come early - pick your time with whom & what you would like to experience..(there is no entry charge for this event)

THE TEMPERANCE BUILDING'S NEW QUILT DESIGN Look up-wayyyyyyy up ... At the Quilt Block on the Temperance Building-joining in on the Quilt Block Movement sweeping the countryside by storm. The concept of barn quilts began with Donna Sue Groves and her wish to honor her mother, Maxine, and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn in Adams County, Ohio. And so the painting of barn quilts reaches further north and south, to soon encompass both countries. Each quilt block is created for meaning, be it a quilt found on the property of similar design, or showing what kind of crop, or type of farm or patron resided on the property. All are chosen for a meaning and it is extremely fun to travel the countryside and spot them all. Our quilt, painted by local artist, Shelley McVittie, is a visual reminder of the many centuries, the many folks, families, and many creative uses this grand old building has supported since it's conception in 1840's. Just as our present day sign indicates, the colourful occupants having passed through the Temperance House, century after century were quite 'expressive in their many styles & mediums', 'some eccentric & some gifted', none more than the other, just as the one colour indicates, but all were grand in design, all were a blessing to behold and all have left their footprint in this building. We leave room for more to be added and to be blessed enough to be able to spend some time in the Temperance Building of Sparta.